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St. Rita School for the Deaf

Since its inception over 100 years, St. Rita has provided services to thousands of children with profound hearing loss.

Through the years they have expanded their services to include children with Apraxia, Down Syndrome and those on the Autism Spectrum.

Today it is one of the only schools in the country of its kind — a private school with day programs for the deaf and for those who need special methods of communication.

They offer educational and socialization programs to meet the individualized special needs of each child so he/she is prepared for the same opportunities that we all hold to be most important in our society — an education, a family, a career — a full life.

More importantly, they receive an education in an environment that can foster and enrich their faith.

Each child is treated as an individual coming to them from various backgrounds and with different needs. They do not mold the child to their way of teaching, they teach to the child’s way of learning.

For more information about St. Rita, visit the school’s website at: www.srsdeaf.org