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The Current Reality

Understanding the rationale behind Beacons of Light

Total Population of the Archdiocese

Declining birth rate, flat population growth

Live births have been declining or flat for many years and into the foreseeable future leading to a projected population growth that is relatively flat and not evenly distributed across our 19 counties.

Registered Catholic Households

Religious practice is declining nationwide

Fewer people are actively engaged in their faith.

210 Total Parishes

Our infrastructure was built for a different era

As a result, most of our church buildings are grossly underutilized and many of our parishes are not the vibrant communities of faith Catholics need them to be.

Diocesan Priests Available for Assignment

Our priests are stretched to the limit

The number of available priests is increasingly declining due to aging and retirements. Out of necessity, priests are appointed as pastors sooner than is optimal.