Leadership Teams

Pastoral Planning Oversight Group

Offers high-level guidance and feedback throughout the development of Beacons of Light

Fr. Matt Robben

Fr. Tom DiFolco

Fr. Chris Worland

Fr. Eric Bowman

Fr. Shawn Landenwitch

Fr. Earl Fernandes

Fr. Jan Schmidt

Rob Brock

Jeremy Helmes

Leisa Anslinger

Beacons Core Team

Oversees and coordinates all aspects of Beacons of Light

Fr. Jan Schmidt

Rob Brock

Jeremy Helmes

Mike Schafer

Leisa Anslinger

Archdiocesan Deans

Provide input, feedback, disseminate information to and solicit responses from the priests of the archdiocese

Fr. Jeff Kemper

Fr. John MacQuarrie

Fr. Jan Schmidt

Fr. Kyle Schnippel

Fr. Steven Shoup

Fr. Del Staigers

Fr. Larry Tharp

Fr. John Tonkin

Fr. Bill Wagner

Fr. Rick Walling

Fr. Bernie Weldishofer

Fr. Chris Worland

Strategic Planning Task Group

(Has completed its task of coordinating data-gathering)

Rob Brock

Fr. Dave Endres

Fr. Del Staigers

Bill Maly

Vince Woodall

Tom Kueterman

PartnersEdge project leads: 

Dennis Cheesbrow

Mike Laughery

Dorfha Vang

Rich Swanson

Pastoral Planning Task Group

(Is transitioning to design teams)

Fr. Tim Fahey

Fr. Len Wenke

Mark Machuga

Cathy Magness

Birgitt Hacker

Linda Mulvaney

Ron McDonald

Greg Feldkamp

Pilar Hernandez

Pat Bergen

Rachel Niekamp

Miranda Schweiterman

Pastoral Planning Pathway Design Teams

Working groups that will design the parish pastoral planning process
Each team is led by a Pastoral Center staff member and will include priests and laity from throughout the archdiocese
Team leaders are indicated below. Teams will be formed by September 9, 2021

Jeremy Helmes


Fr. Jan Schmidt
Mark Machuga

Church and Leadership

David Kissell


Sean Ater


Tony Stieritz

Love in Action

Rob Brock
Rob Reid
Tom Jennings


Mike Schafer