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Here is the basic timeline for Beacons of Light. More details coming soon.

Fall 2020
Beacons of Light project launch announced. Data gathering from parishes and schools begins.
Winter 2020/21
Six principles of Beacons of Light are established. Design of parish planning process (including vision points and parameters) begins.
Spring 2021
Parish and school data is analyzed. Current reality is assessed.
Summer 2021
Families of Parishes modeling begins. Draft of parish planning process is completed.
Fall 2021
Draft models of Families of Parishes are published for comment. Parish planning process (including vision points and parameters) is finalized.
Winter 2021/22
Families of Parishes are finalized and announced.
Spring 2022
Pastors and parish leaders begin preparing for the parish planning process.
Summer 2022
Families of Parishes implementation begins. Each Family starts its parish planning process.
Pastoral Planning Pathway
Each Family of Parishes will begin following the Pastoral Planning Pathway. Click here to learn more.