What Does Issue 1 Actually Say? An Ohio Lawyer Takes a Look.

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The Truth is in the Details

It is easy to get lost (or walk away with a false conclusion) when engaging in legal or constitutional language. This November’s proposed constitutional amendment, Issue 1, is no exception. Watch the following video for a lawyer’s walkthrough of Issue 1.

Legal Language is a Different Language

Legal language is not the same as everyday conversation. Political and legal battles have been waged in times past to chisel out the definitions of particular words and phrases.

And though many of these words and phrases have been clearly defined, it is still easy for politicians to weave ambiguity into documents, providing the foundation for future political and legal wins.

What Can We Do to Better Understand?

Although Issue 1 may seem balanced and just on the surface, a thorough analysis reveals the harrowing reality this amendment would unleash in the State of Ohio if passed.

A video produced by Protect Women Cincinnati walks through the legal language of the entirety of Issue 1, the proposed constitutional amendment on the Ohio ballot on November 7. Please share this video with your family and friends.

A Dark Future?

If passed, the proposed amendment would open the doorway for the removal of vital healthcare protections for women, parents and children—both preborn and born.

What Can We Do?

Pray, educate yourself and your family and Vote NO on November 7th.

Sharing this video with families and friends will help ensure that our loved ones do not unknowingly vote to sacrifice the vital rights and protections they need and deserve.