You are
not alone.

No matter what challenges you are facing.

Life is God’s greatest blessing, but sometimes women and families face challenges and need help. Look below to find a listing of organizations and agencies in the Archdiocese of Cincinnati that provide compassionate and affordable—and in many cases, free—services to women and families.

Assisting Women who are pregnant

Even in the best of circumstances, many women feel unprepared for pregnancy. You may have a thousand questions racing through your mind, with a fair amount of anxiety and worry mixed in. Option Line is a resource developed especially for pregnant women who aren’t sure what to do next. You’ll find answers to many of the common questions that come with an unplanned pregnancy, as well as a thorough overview of your options. In addition, there are more than 25 Pregnancy care centers across the archdiocese offering a wide array of services and support no matter where you are on your pregnancy journey.

Option Line

Option Line is a fully staffed, bilingual contact center for women and men, many who are desperate for answers in an unexpected pregnancy. They offer a center locator that allows you to search for services by entering your zip code.

Women’s Care Centers / Pregnancy Care Centers / Family Life Centers:

More than 35 centers in the Cincinnati and Dayton/Miami Valley area provide a broad range of services for women facing unexpected pregnancies. A complete list of centers in the Cincinnati and Miami Valley area can be found here.

Assisting Families & Children

The Family is the essential unit of society. A society can’t thrive without thriving families, but nurturing a healthy family is becoming tougher in today’s world. Children are more vulnerable, finances are frequently a challenge and the stresses of everyday life lead to difficulties large and small. 

The following organizations offer an array of programs and services to help children and families in need.

Offering Hope & Healing

Sometimes life is hard. Heartbreaking even. Bad things happen for seemingly no reason and the circumstances of life are often well beyond our control. 

The following organizations can offer the practical, emotional or spiritual support you’re looking for in the face of some of life’s greatest burdens.