Welcoming each other back to Mass

Mass Is "Source & Summit"

“The liturgy, in itself, is not only spontaneous prayer, but something more and more original: it is an act that founds the whole Christian experience and, therefore, also prayer. It is event, it is happening, it is presence, it is encounter. It is an encounter with Christ. Christ makes himself present in the Holy Spirit through the sacramental signs: hence the need for us Christians to participate in the divine mysteries.”

-Pope Francis

Mass is "Source & Summit"


  • The liturgy is the high point of our lives as Catholic Christians
  • The liturgy is the source, the font, from which we find strength to live as Christ’s people
  • From the Eucharist, we are sent in mission, ready to glorify God by our lives

Mass is "Source & Summit"

For Your Reflection

How does Mass form me to live as a Christian?

How does the nourishment of the Eucharist give me strength to live as a disciple?

What experience comes to mind in which I was “set on fire” by Christ’s love during Mass?

What am I called to do to carry out Christ’s mission of love and mercy?